Please read the rules carefully



Q: Is the badge made yet? when will I be recieving my badge? I haven't recieved my badge yet?
A. Unless you have left a review on a badge that HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE - all messages will be ignored, as it clearly states if the badge is in donation/made/or not made yet and its considered really rude. .
Q: Can you save a spot or hold a badge/badges for me?
Q: I "accidently" bought your badge/ or sticker, can you please refund me the money back?
A. NO .
Q: Can you save a spot or hold a badge/badges for me?
A. NO. Due to the lack of commitment, change of thought and general rudeness.
WARNING: I have the right to revoke all my badges to a user without a refund, IF YOU mistreat and harass me IN ANYWAY.
Q: What are the paypal prices for the badge//badges?
A. Depends on what credit sales are on and what badge/badges you are interested in, PM me specific details of the names of the badge//badges you want.
Q. Who made your badges? What did it cost? Where can i find them?
A. The artist is credited on the badge and i will not disclose pricing and where to find them.
Q: Do you do badge/product refunds or exchanges?
A. No I do not accept badge refunds or exchanges of any kind.
Q: Can I use your badge/badges as an incentive/s?
A: This questions needs to be further discussed in a private message and it also depends if I particularly like the badge you intend to put up for donation.


Q: Can I add you as a friend?
A. I do not accept random friends requests, people that I do not know, I only add people once I get to know them.
Q: Can I invite you to chat on the client?
A: I am a friendly person, I dont mind invites but only for a conversation so if you aren't willing to chat with me appropriately & respectfully then don't even try.
Q: Do you like making new friends?
A: Yes! I love making new friends and I am approachable so feel free to drop by a message.