Creativity is the way!

Since 2016 I have been dealing with the development of mobile apps and web pages. Unfortunately IMVU system offers only few possibilities. I'm in favor of the evolution of style and that's why I decided to develop a different graphic, with a more intuitive and suitable layout for our times. In facts, this homepage is all made by me; from HTML to JS.

For a year now I have also dedicated myself to the design of display pictures for IMVU and my goal is to learn as many artistic bases as possible. I like to improve and get results. I'm still looking for my style.

Display Picture Exemple

"Nap Time" - Pixel Art

Premade / Fan Art

You will get the following files:

  • 160x220px GIF with your name & watermark
  • 320x440px GIF with your name & watermark

Are you interested in buying a DP?

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Recent Display Pictures

Sold to Arianna
Sold to Vanatei
Sold to Exed
Sold to Prisoner