Caramel Macchiato

A uniquely creamy blend of milk, caramel, vanilla, and coffee

Pieces of me ... sips, no gulps

Age? 42
Married? Yes, And Very Happily
Kids? 2 Smart Boys
Here For? Product Creating and Chatting...Rarely
From? Born VA, live In GA
Personality? I'm A Cancer, True To The Last Letter...Read About Us.
Likes? Drawing, Cooking, Baking, Sports, Reading Books/Comics, Dogs, Coffee, Rain, Any Shade Of Blue, Tea, Sweet/Tart Treats
Dislikes? Stupid People, Racists, Bullies, Unimaginative People, Know-It-Alls...aka, SMARTASSES
Personal Style? Whatever I'm Feeling That Day...Not In Any Catagory, Freestyle If You Will
Music? Classical, REAL Hip Hop, Old School R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Oldies, Classics, Chillhop
Will You Be My Mom? NOPE!
Can You Gift Me Credits/Gifts? NOPE!
Want To Join Our Family/Mafia? Sorry, not really my thing
Will You Collaborate? Depends On The Project
Do you accept requests? Regretfully, No
Anything Else You Want To Share? Nope....That Is All