Frequently Asked Questions

     Q: What is File Drive exactly?
A: Filedrive is a file hosting site, but it's more geared toward using it for imvu purposes. We only have a limited amount of users that can join and a certain kind of files allowed to upload.
     Q: What is the advantage of using File Drive?
A: When you use our service, you have no ads and unlimited bandwidth. Other advantages are described in the home section of this website.
     Q: Can i upload image files?
A: This space is not a image hosting site. To upload your images you can do it on photobucket or imageshack or any other image hosting site, then link those images into your html files.
     Q: Do the accounts gonna be deleted some time after i dont visit the site?
A: Empty accounts after year of not logged will be deleted. By empty accounts we mean accounts that have been created and no files have been uploaded.
     Q: I am an IMVU Creator. How can I advertise my products in this website?
A: We channel our advertising through Adplan, be sure to read more here: